Frank de Rooij is a self-opinionated filmmaker, characterized by a probing and realistic style. 
Intimate portraits are his specialism. Inspiration by philosophers like Friedrich Nietzsche, Erich Fromm, Eckhard Tolle, Alain de Botton and Carl Gustav Jung. Also Buddhism and the classical Taoism of Zhuang Zi and Confucius. Filmmakers who inspired him a lot were: Lynch, Malick, Herzog, Theroux, and Dutch Roy Dames. From an early age displayed a special talent for drawing, painting and photography. 


When he was 20 he travelled the world for a year. To Asia, where he absorbed himself in Buddhism.
He also travelled through Australia, Europe and Latin-America. During these trips De Rooij discovered a fascination for filmmaking. He not only tried to capture everything on camera, he also followed workshops and a short study at a film school in Australia. There  his great passion for filmmaking was born. Back in The Netherlands he decided in 2006, after a year at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, to study film at the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam.

In 2011 De Rooij completed his film studies with a long documentary My dad (42 minutes).
My dad is an intimate portrait of his father Marc, who suffers from lung cancer. The documentary received a nomination for the Student Award at IDFA 2011.
Furthermore, De Rooij is a producer and through his own company De Rooy Productions, he also creates reports for tv, commercials and after movies. De Rooij also makes videoclips, after movies, PR video’s and commercials for brands like: Transavia Airlines, Human Right Watch, HP, OUTtv, Omroep West, Porter Novelli, Diner en Blanc and several music festivals.

A typical De Rooij documentary is Justus (64 minutes).

It tells the story of the comeback of a down on his luck debased artist, Justus Donker. The documentary premiered on the 7th of November 2015 at Leiden International Film Festival (LIFF) and received an award for the Best feature length Dutch Documentary at Docfeed 2016. The film was shown on Dutch television and in several movie theatre’s in the Netherlands.

Now De Rooij works on a documentary Mindful of stress, about dealing with stress and burn-out, and what Eastern philosophy and Buddhistic mind training can do for us in the West. Aswel he works on a documentary; ‘Mind full Toby’ about a autistic boy of 24, Toby. He tries to enjoys life, but also struggles a lot with his disorders. It looks like playing snooker and meditation helps him a lot to feel good and calm (2019/2020).


Justus (documentary, 64min):
Short movie, Night Angels and Triangles (3 min)

For more info call or e-mail with De Rooy Producties owner and creative director Frank de Rooij:

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